Riverdance Semi Quaver

(Shinehill Party Politics at Riverdance x Kidston Weeping Willow at Riverdance)
born 29/4/99
KCBVA Hip Score 6:6

Wink doing what she liked best grubbing in the mud!!

Wink was born in Somerset and came over to Ireland in 1999 with her mother, father and sister.
Wink had every reason not to be with us, because when she was born she weighed only 185 grams (6 ounces), but, typical of her spirit, she pulled through and has rewarded us time and time again - she was a very, very special dog.  All of our kennel names have the first letters of the dam and sire so in Wink's case this was S for Sassie and Q for Quillan her 'Semi Quaver' seemed so right for her! 

Wink 'bubbled' from waking to going to bed and was the first to play and chase.  She brought laughter into our lives and we are going to miss her greatly.  Wink only grew to the bottom of the 'standard' height - however as a puppy she won BP at the prestigious 'St Patrick's Day' show in Dublin and has won two Reserve Green Stars at Championship shows.  This is Wink photographed at 10 days of age alongside her sister Sofie - Wink was only half the size - but twice the character!  She rests under the apple trees alongside her mother, father and uncle Harry.  Sleep well lovely girl we will always miss you but never forget you, you will always be our bright star!


Grand Parents

Great Grand

Shinehill Party Politics at Riverdance

Major Green Star Winner
1 x BPIS, 2 x BIS,  1 x RBIS

hips 4:5

Shinehill Kings Ransom

4 RCC (inc Crufts 1993)
Hips 8:5
Sh Ch Nortonwood Silvanus
Shinehill Indiana

Shinehill Nikita

Hips 10:10
Muskan Most Likely
Shinehill Jinger Cookie


Kidston Weeping Willow at Riverdance

Hips 3:4
Green Star Winner


Ch Purbarn Xtra Thunderstorm

Hips 4:3
Lorinford Thunderstorm
at Purbarn
Cinmarsh Creates Havoc at Purbarn

Kidston Aphrodite

Hips 3:3

Muskan Most Likely
Kidston Linnet


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