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This is a record of Lulu's puppies born in Jan 2006

We don't have many litters - usually one every 3-4 years or so!  Lulu's puppies were born on the 2nd January,
photo below shows Lulu with her puppies (two boys and six girls):  We have given them names to identify them they are alphabetically, in birth order - Annie, Betty, Connie, Delia, Edie, Florence, Gareth and Hector!

Lulu and pups 1 week old

Sleeping peacefully at 2 weeks old

Lulu cleans the puppies very well!

One of the male pups at nearly 3 weeks already showing some colour

Brawling starts early - and carries on and on and on......

'Gareth and Hector' at three weeks!

We don't like being photographed in a basket!....

23 days old and they think we're models!






Sleeping makes you very tired!

Eight asleep on Mickey Mouse

The pups were weaned at 3 weeks

Hector at 5 weeks - weighing in at 3kg!

Gareth - in mid scratch aged 5 weeks!

One of the girls at 5 weeks 

I'm the only one awake! one of the girls at 6 weeks.

Boys will be boys! at 6 weeks.

Nearly seven weeks old and Mickey is still very comfortable!

We were all allowed out for half and hour today..



Hector thinks 'this is more like it..'

Florence isn't that sure...

Nearly eight weeks old and off to our new homes tomorrow!

We went to the UK to mate Lulu to Amberland Aden, a very
handsome and lovable lad - as can be seen from his photo:

All of our dogs live with us inside our house and are not allowed to roam,
 we expect our puppies to go to homes where the same conditions apply.

Puppies' Pedigree:


Grand Parents

Great Grand


Amberland Aden

hips 6:5

Stanroph Squadron Leader
hips 3:3

GB Sh Ch
Steval Mickey Finn at Ivycrest
Stanroph Shere Fantasy

Amberland Aqualena
hips 6:4

Muskan Most Likely  
Amberland Ameneta


Riverdance Sugared Almond

  hips 3:3


GB Sh Ch
Amberland Ajax

hips 2:3

Muskan Most Likely
Amberland Ameneta

Riverdance String Quintet

hips 5:5


Shinehill Party Politics at Riverdance
Kidston Weeping Willow at Riverdance

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