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This is Ollie (Riverdance Star Quality) who is owned by Richard and Sara Wood photographed in his garden aged 13+yrs he is looking particularly handsome - good old Ollie!! 
Here's another nice photo of Bree taken in July 2010 when she is aged 20 months
This is beautiful Bree (aka Riverdance Dolly Mixture) aged 7 months, Bree belongs to Caroline Nolan and lives with four boys, one of them seen below  being shown how affectionate she can be.
Katherina Savage's Weisford Charlie's Chocolate Factory aka 'Charlie' is the daughter of Riverdance Spring Azalea at Weisford here he is having won the Green Star and the CACIB at the Swords International Championship Show in June 2009, Charlie lives in Wexford with the other dogs of the up and coming Weisford kennel.

Riverdance Showery April at Orburde with her eight puppies born 11th April 2008, Ellie is proudly owned by Caroline Brouder


Click here to see her puppies aged 6 weeks old


This is 'Woody' aka Riverdance Louis Armstrong Woody is son of Lulu and Aden and is proudly owned by Graeme and Diane McHugh, photo taken in March 08 aged 2yrs.

'Luca' aka Riverdance Lucy Acrobat has started a 'show business' career with one of the top dog food companies, she lives with her sister Annie and their owners Mark and Michelle Sheehan in County Waterford.

Delia from Elsa

Dear Mum, its Mother's Day and so I thought I'd write a letter
To let you know I'm doing fine And things could not be better
Although it seemed real strange the day I left you all behind
And travelled many, many miles Not knowing what I'd find

I should have known you'd pick for me a home so full of pleasure
A Mum, a Dad and Sister Who love me beyond all measure
I'm having such a lovely time there's such a lot to do
I'm pretty good at gardening and there's such a lot to chew

There's things called sleeves on jumpers Which are great for hanging on
I may have pulled a bit too hard 'cos now they're all too long!
And trouser legs, now they're a thing to really get your teeth in
Swing out of them then grab those things they have to put their feet in
A little nibble here and there Oh, its so satisfying
A little rip, a little tear it's fun there's no denying

Now here's a little secret that I'm hoping you will keep
I've been a little clever when its time to take a leak
You see, I have an Uncle, Worf, whose really rather old
And what I do, I must admit, is really rather bold

He's eighteen years of age now and a real old country gent
But his kidneys aren't quite right you know his legs are rather bent
He sometimes doesn't make it to the garden for a wee
And I'm afraid I blame him when I've done a little pee
I stand there and I look at him then look up at my Mum
And say to her, in puppy talk, "my word! look what he's done"

I really must sign off now 'cos its time I had my tea
Oh, I forgot to mention
that I've seen my sister Bree

We're both so very happy
though we miss you that is true
we never will forget you as we
send our love to you

Happy Mother's Day