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The Riverdance Six

Our numbers again depleted in 2015 with both Jim and Jack leaving us and in May and August 2016 we were saddened
to lose Lulu (aged 14) and Delia (aged 10)

The Riverdance Eight


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Riverdance Golden Retrievers in 2009
Sadly we lost Wink, second from left in October 2011 and Sofie, far right in December 2011
Also Jim in April 2015 and his brother Jack in August 2015
  Lulu and Delia left us in 2016,


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Photo taken in early 2007 with our nine goldens a rare photograph as sadly we had to say good-bye to Sassie (2nd left) in November 07,
Harry (1st left) in January 08 and Quillan (3rd left lying) in March 08  
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