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Riverdance Sugared Almond
(GB Sh Ch Amberland Ajax KCJW x Riverdance String Quintet)
born 30th April 2002
Hip Score 3:3


'Lulu' is the gentlest, sweetest girl golden retriever anyone could meet, that is unless she is dealing with her two brothers Jim and Jack with whom she is happiest grabbing them by the throat and shaking them.  She is our water baby and spends more time swimming in the sea and river than the others.  She also has taken on herself to be the beach 'seagull' warden, no gull can rest with her around!  Despite this she is a lovely girl and we have high hopes for her in the ring and as a mum.  Lulu like all of our kennel is very lightly shown, but has already chalked up Green Star and Reserve Green Star wins.   Lulu was mated to Amberland Aden and produced eight beautiful puppies born early in January 2006, from which we kept Delia - Riverdance Liquorice Allsort

Parents Grand parents Great grandparents
GB Sh Ch Amberland Ajax
hips 2:3
Muskan Most Likely  

hips 3:3

Golcrest Game of Chance
Muskan Miss Elite
Amberland Ameneta

hips 4:4

Mindaro Nawlins Jazz
Amberland Asti
Riverdance String Quintet
hips 5:5
Shinehill Party Politics at Riverdance

hips 5:4

Shinehill Kings Ransom
Shinehill Nikita
Kidston Weeping Willow at Riverdance

hips 3:4

GB Ch Purbarn Xtra Thunderstorm
Kidston Aphrodite

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Up / Sofie / Wink / Lulu / Progeny / Jim / Jack / Delia / In Memoriam / Kirk / Max