Some pointers to sourcing a well bred Golden Retriever Puppy

Unfortunately we are no longer breeding but hopefully we can help you to locate a suitable pup.  If you are looking to source a well bred golden retriever puppy these notes should assist you to go about it the right way.  Before you take the plunge there are a number of very important facts you should take into account, owning a golden retriever is a partnership that can hopefully last for anything up to fifteen years.  Firstly read up on the breed there are many excellent books that have been written by experienced breeders we can recommend:

Golden Retrievers – An Owner’s Companion  by Lyn Anderson
Published by The Crowood Press  ISBN 1-85223-609-4

Golden Retrievers Today by Valerie Foss
Published by Prentice Hall   ISBN: 0876051840

Books by Joan Tudor, Wendy Andrews, Lucille Sawtell and Michael Twist

Also for general health guidance:

Veterinary Notes for Dog Breeders –
edited by Trevor Turner
Published by Popular Dogs  ISBN 0-09-173817-2

Doglopaedia – A Complete Guide to Dog Care
by JM Evans and Kay White
Published by Henston; ISBN 1-85054-096-9

Book of the Bitch –
A Complete Guide to Understanding and Caring for Bitches by JM Evans and Kay White
Published by Henston; ISBN 1-85054-100-0


Remember that a golden retriever puppy weighing only a few kilos at three months of age will grow into medium to large dog of between 30 and 40 kilos.  Goldens shed their coats particularly onto dark clothing!!, so a good vacuum cleaner is needed. Hopefully you will continue your search for a puppy, but which sex is best for you?  Bitches and dogs are equally faithful and affectionate although some claim boys are softer, but owning a bitch brings additional responsibilities, they will have a 'season' or heat once or twice each year when they have to be kept separate from male dogs.  We don't advise having young bitches spayed, at least not until they have had two seasons and management of bitches does bring extra responsibility.

Irish Golden Retriever Breed Clubs
You may wish to contact the two Irish golden retriever breed clubs, the secretaries keep a list of their members that might have puppies now or in the near future. The two Clubs are: and contact details are to be found on their web-sites.  It is also worth trying the Ulster Golden Retriever Club and again talk to the secretary.

The following are kennels who breed occasionally in Ireland and they are known to us personally, they should all have websites so you will be able to contact them directly.  Most will already have homes earmarked for puppies, but if you contact them you may well be successful.  The kennels are:
Weisford Golden Retrievers,  Rathcloon Golden Retrievers,  Whistler Golden Retrievers,  Raistin Golden Retrievers, Erinderry Golden Retrievers, Westlow Golden Retrievers, Drombeg Golden Retrievers, Sandseers Golden Retrievers, Abinvale Golden Retrievers, Cedardyne Golden Retrievers, Balibeau Golden Retrievers - look also at the Champ Dogs site, litters and stud dogs are featured.

You should not be tempted to buy from any ads unless the breeders are bone fide and have carried out the appropriate health checks on both parents (hips and eyes) they should be prepared to show you the certificates. Good well bred puppies will cost (Pre Covid-9) €700-900 in Ireland and £850-1000+ in UK try to see litters where they can be seen with the mother.   You may have to wait for the right pup as most reputable breeders breed with their puppies pre booked.   For your information the fact that breeders will state 'IKC registered' this is no guarantee of the breeding quality, anyone (including all of the puppy farms) can register their puppies with the IKC or UK KC.  Avoid following up adverts placed in 'buy and sell' mags and also on 'ad boards' in supermarkets.