Rest In Peace our Beautiful Boy

Riverdance Saxon Archer
(GB Sh Ch Amberland Ajax KCJW x Riverdance String Quintet)
30/4/02 - 29/4/2015
KCBVA Hip Score 5:3

Photo Bill Wheel April 2006 

'Jim' so like his father Ajax in colouring he was a larger than life boy, very sensitive and needed his people around him.  He was brought up alongside his litter brother and sister, Jack and Lulu.  The three were great friends, Jim and Jack were forever competing for the same toy or a plastic bottle found on the beach - they lived cheek and jowl together and never ever squabbled!  Jim had the notion that he was 'top dog' in the kennel, but when it came down to it Delia won every time!  We will miss Jim and his constant 'talking' always eager to please and get involved.  His illness curbed his activities in the last six months of his life but we had no hesitation on giving him sleep before he had any suffering.  He went to sleep between the two of us and he is now buried next to his mother Sofie and his sister Ellie.  Rest well handsome boy you will always be loved!


Grand Parents

Great Grand

GB Sh Ch
Amberland Ajax

Major Green Star Winner

hips 3:2


Muskan Most Likely  


hips 3:3

Golcrest Game of Chance

Muskan Miss Elite

Amberland Ameneta

hips 4:4

Mindaro Nawlins Jazz

Amberland Asti


Riverdance String Quintet

hips 5:5



Shinehill Party Politics at Riverdance

2 x BIS, Major Green Star Winner

Hips 5:4

Shinehill Kings Ransom

Shinehill Nikita  

Kidston Weeping Willow at Riverdance

hips 3:4

GB Ch Purbarn Xtra Thunderstorm

Kidston Aphrodite

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