1981 - 2009         

We have now been owned by Golden Retrievers since 1981  we never thought that our kennel would grow to the size it is today.

Gemma was in fact our second Golden. She was bred by Peggy Robertson from Sh Ch Stolford Likely Lad and Anstrome Aurora of Stolford.  Our first Golden was Gemma's half sister 'Sheena', (Mortlach Golden Joy) who we had to re-home when she was 18 months old.  

        Stolford Kalico (1981 - 1993)

We moved home from Cambridgeshire to Hampshire enjoying the walks and fun that a pet Golden gives. After Gemma died we were without Goldens for almost six months - but we missed having a Golden Retriever around - a visit to Crufts in '94 gave us the impetus to start again.  We had spent hours with the catalogue scrutinising every exhibit and making copious notes, after further research we knew the type and lines we wanted and we ended up with our two Shinehill boys. 

Harry and Quillan being 'collected' in 1994

We had promised Liz Keene that we would give showing 'a go', which we did and soon were hooked, our two lovely boys gave us uncountable pleasure, in and out of the ring. 

Quillan steadily made his way in the show ring - winning BPIS at Southampton

Moving to the Somerset Levels and wanting to breed from Quillan meant we began looking  for a bitch.  We quickly followed up the lead given by Jenny Frankland- Burton when she told us that Margaret Chapman's bitch, a Cloud daughter, had just been mated to 'Storm' (now Ch Purbarn Xtra Thunderstorm).  We quickly placed our order and were thrilled to get 'Sassie' who was to become our foundation bitch.

  'Sassie' at 8 weeks

In 1999 we mated Quillan and Sassie and produced 7 beautiful puppies, two bitches and five dogs.  We kept Sofie and Wink and, at the age of 10 weeks, they moved with us to Ireland where we are fortunate to have been able to retire.


Early in 2002 we decided to mate Sofie we knew what we wanted from a stud dog and having decided on Amberland Ajax we travelled to England and successfully mated Sofie.  In April of that year Sofie whelped seven lovely puppies three dogs and four bitches.  Two of the bitches went to show homes and we are thrilled to see them regularly with one (Riverdance Spring Azalea) having already won a Reserve Green Star.  We kept Jim and Lulu and added Jack who we took back after 6 months - this brought our kennel to its current level of eight!

Ajax was bred and is owned by Pat Arnold, his temperament and character, much of it inherited from Muskan Most Likely (Cloud), is testimony to the Amberland kennel.

GB Sh Ch Amberland Ajax
(Muskan Most Likely x Amberland Amaneta)


Caroline Brouder who has the Oburde kennel and had one of Sofie's puppies - Ellie bred from her and kept a bitch Donna who in turn was mated to Ronjalee Ragamuffin at Motlaisa JW`the photo below shows five generations brought together for the photo call.


In early November after a sudden and very short illness we had to say good-bye to our darling Sassie - she was not only a great character but was the most affectionate and loyal girl - the void left by her in the kennel will never be filled - God Bless our Giant Princess!


The year didn't start too well for our kennel, we lost poor old Harry almost at his fourteenth birthday on 28th January.  He had had his life and lived it to the full, from his early days in Hampshire and then in Somerset he now rests alongside his pal Sassie under the apple tree in Glenbeigh County Kerry.  Run free Harry - 'run Harry run'!


The winter of 2007-2008 was a sad time losing Sassie in November, Harry
in late January and then the day after Quillan's fourteenth birthday which
he had celebrated by going to his favourite walk with his two daughters
he suffered a series of heart attacks finally dying six days later.  He now
rests alongside his brother Harry and his wife Sassie.  Sweet dreams our
beautiful boy.



On a much brighter note we decided to mate our Amberland Aden daughter to GB Sh Ch Shardanell All That Jazz and in November Delia gave us a lovely litter of six puppies.  We were always going to keep a boy but we were unable to decide which one to keep so we kept two - Kirk and Max


All of the puppies were found wonderful homes and the New Year saw the Riverdance kennel at eight strong! Here are three boys going mad in the garden - Max, Kirk and Neb who belongs to Pat's brother.  We started showing both our boys and whilst they both had good results it soon became clear that Max had the edge!  Kirk was probably relieved that he would make way in the ring to his brother Max.  Max contended for top honours during the year and in addition to puppy group placings he won two reserve green stars from puppy.


At one of the first shows of the year under breed specialist Glynis Massey (Seamourne) Max won his first Green Star and BOB at Newtownards Championship Show.  He won the final points needed for his Junior Champion title under top judge Frank Kane in April.  He qualified for Crufts under breed specialist Everett Massey at the Ulster Golden Retriever Club in Belfast winning the junior class.  In June, July and August he won five more Green Stars making him one short of his Irish Champion's title, he also was placed highly in the Gundog group results. In July we entered him in the UK top breed show the GRC Championship under breed specialist Val Tregaskis (Steval) he thrilled us by winning a very large Yearling Dog class.

Max started to be used at stud and we were delighted when his first progeny a litter of nine were born to a Zoe Gourley's bitch Pepper, a second litter again with a litter of nine puppies.

photo courtesy of Mary Neil

This is Raffles 'Flurrister Midnight Magic' from Max's first litter


In June Max won his seventh Green Star under Gundog Specialist Carol Coode and also his Champion's Crown - Show Champion Riverdance Dot Matrix Jun Ch. 

Sadly in October we lost 'Wink' Riverdance Semi Quaver - what a girl, a few days before she died we took her and her sister Sofie to our local beach where she played her 'stone game' which involved pawing a stone through her front legs and then using her nose to nudge it back again.  She did it so intensely - we do miss her.  Sofie followed Wink and died in December leaving us with six goldens - Jim, Jack, Lulu, Deliah, Kirk and Max.

With Max's title secured we gave him and ourselves a respite from showing and enjoyed our walks with our girls and boys.  Max sired a number of litters in the year, producing sound, stocky pups, including a litter in the USA using his frozen semen.

Sh Ch Riverdance Dot Matrix Jun Ch


Three more litters were sired by Max including a lovely litter of eleven!!

Three of Max's pups

Max made a brief reappearance in the ring at the Circuit Tralee Championship Show and won Champion Dog and the Green Star.

Max on the move - winning the Green Star at Tralee Championship Show

We were delighted to celebrate the 15th birthday of Sultan (Riverdance Sorcerer's Apprentice) on the 30th April
Sultan is the last survivor of our Sofie/Ajax litter. Pat Arnold told us he is the sole living pup of Sh Ch Amberland Ajax.
Sultan is loved and lives happily with Charmian and Gerard Monen in County Kerry


Sultan with Gerard and Charmian


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