Guisachan House in Scotland was the seat of Lord Tweedmouth who is credited to have originated the Golden Retriever Breed.  In August 2006 a 'gathering' of over 180 Golden Retrievers was held, organised by the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland.  The originals of the following photographs were taken by Eileen Caisley of the Standfast kennel, they have been reprocessed in Adobe Photoshop by me.  Although they are protected by copyright - they can be used if a small donation is made to the All Ireland Golden Retriever Club rescue fund.   Send to Bill and Pat Wheel, Glenard House, Glenbeigh, Co Kerry, Ireland.

Photo number 1: Guisachan House venue of the 2006 Golden Retriever Rally                                                                                                        - orginal photos courtesy of Eileen Caisley

Photo number 2:  Guisachan House as it was in 1898 with the 2006 Golden Gathering 'virtually' added

Photo number 3:  Guisachan House ruins with the 1898 occupants overseeing the Golden Retriever Gathering of 2006