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Photographs of Delia's puppies born 2nd November 2008

Riverdance Liquorice Allsort x GB Sh Ch Shardanell All That Jazz (Murphy)

Three Months Old

Kirk and Max (photo taken during a rest between fights!)

12 Weeks Old

Kirk - exploring the garden

12 Weeks Old

Kirk - standing still - a rare event!

12Weeks Old

Kirk in the rockery
9 Weeks Old

Delia, Max and Kirk playfighting!
9 Weeks Old

Kirk and Max are staying at Riverdance
8 Weeks Old

photo of Bree in her new home - courtesy Caroline Nolan

8 Weeks Old

Young Bree following on Delia's antics!- photo courtesy Caroline Nolan

7 Weeks Old

This is Bree shortly before going
off to her new home in Dublin
7 Weeks Old

This is Kirk - with a thick coat and good bone

5 Weeks Old

One of the girls at 5 weeks

5 Weeks Old



And yet another one of the girls at 5 weeks

5 Weeks Old

One of the boys at nearly 5 weeks old

4 Weeks Old

This pup has found sleeping on Big Mickey is very comfortable, as did Delia when she was a pup

21 Days Old

First taste of solid foods - at 3 weeks of age.

21 Days Old

This new food is not as tasty as my Mum's milk!

Day 16

Look how they have grown in 16 days!

Day 16

These are the two girls in the litter - reposing!


Day 8

This little boy has found a very comfortable place!

Day 13





I'm beginning to look like a Golden Retriever!


5days old and growing well!

Our Mum is looking after us very well....

Delia looks pleased!



Mum and pups enjoying a rest

First 48 hours

Four hours after birth


It's nice and warm here