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  Sadly Missed  

Riverdance Dry Martini
(GB Sh Ch Shardanell All That Jazz KCJW x Riverdance Liquorice Allsort)
2/11/2008 - 19/09/2022

  Kirk was a wonderful dog He came from Delia's litter to Margaret Joy's stud dog Sh Ch Shardanell All That Jazz, he was first born in a litter of six with three brothers and two sisters.  We kept Kirk and Max as both showed early promise as show dogs but quickly demonstrated he wasn't too happy in the ring.  His brother Max on the other hand showed his socks off and went on to win many Green Stars.  Kirk was a complete character, a happy boy always with a smile on his face. When Max died in 2017, Kirk was for a while our only golden until George came along in 2018.  Sadly Kirk is the last of our home bred Riverdance goldens, thankfully his two sisters Bree and Elsa are still going well and we count ourselves so lucky to have had Max and Kirk, it was an exceptional litter.  Rest in peace Kirk - you will never be forgotten our 'Happy Boy'.  




Riverdance Dean Martin
(GB Sh Ch Shardanell All That Jazz KCJW x Riverdance Liquorice Allsort)
2/11/2008 - 29/07/2022

Murph was loved and gave so much happiness to Rachel and Mel Megarty and their
family.  He had a busy life with young children who grew up with him there, his companion
Kobi is missing him so much.  He joins his two brothers Neb and Max who have
also gone to the rainbow bridge.  Sleep well lovely boy.


Riverdance Lyrene Allstar

(Amberland Aden x Riverdance Sugared Almond)
02/1/2006 - 23/9/2020




So very sad to learn that Gerard Monen has lost his last golden. Gerard and his late wife Charmian, gave loving homes to three Riverdance goldens, Sultan, Hector and Florence. Yesterday he gave sleep to Florence (Riverdance Lyrene Allstar) who would have been 15 years old on 2nd Jan next. Florence at one time was to stay with us, we kept Delia out of that litter. Florence had a wonderful full dark golden coat and was a real stunner - the photo is of her at 5 weeks old shows this, she was the last to go of Lulu's litter of nine. Run free Flo with your 8 siblings and the rest of the Riverdance gang. XXX













Riverdance Lady Annabel

Riverdance Lady Annabel
(Amberland Aden x Riverdance Sugared Almondt)
02/1/2006 - 10/3/2020

Kerry went to live in Swords, Dublin with Gerard and Karin Murphy she was
given a full and happy life with the whole family and she will be greatly missed. 
She is now free to run with her mother Lulu and seven of her eight siblings.  Sleep
well little girl.



Riverdance Lady Antonia


Riverdance Lady Antonia
(Amberland Aden x Riverdance Sugared Almondt)
02/1/2006 - March 2019

Connie went to live in Dublin with Raymond and Etain Murphy she was an important
member of the family loved by all but especially with the children and grandchildren.
She had a full and happy life with them, run free beautiful girl.




Sh Ch Riverdance Dot Matrix Jun Ch
(GB Sh Ch Shardanell All That Jazz KCJW x Riverdance Liquorice Allsort)
2/11/2008 - 9/9/2019
Max was taken from us so suddenly he meant so much to us as a fun
loving member of our kennel.  We spent years carefully selecting
stud dogs that would give us the type we wanted, he goes six generations back to our Quillan
and Sassie, both grandchildren of a much admired Muskan Most Likely.
He will leave an enormous void in our lives - his character, temperament
and looks can be seen in the many litters of puppies he sired. His brother Kirk
will miss him, they were never apart..  Run free handsome boy
You will forever be in our hearts.



Riverdance Larry Adler

(Amberland Aden x Riverdance Sugared Almondt)
02/1/2006 - 10/10/2019

Our good friend Gerard Monen informed us that Hector 'Riverdance Larry Adler' had passed away in his sleep aged almost 14 years. Gerard and his late wife Charmian gave a loving, caring home to three of our goldens and he will be very much missed by Gerard. RIP Hector now with his siblings Delia, Annie, Luca and Woodie.





Riverdance Dites Moi
(GB Sh Ch Shardanell All That Jazz KCJW x Riverdance Liquorice Allsort)
2/11/2008 - 5/4/2019

Neb owned by Pat's brother Richard lived close enough to be able to regularly join in our walks to Rossbeigh Strand.
He was a faithful, loving friend and companion to Richard and to say he will be missed is an understatement.
He is buried next to his mother Delia under the apple tree, sleep tight Neb!


Riverdance Louis Armstrong

(Amberland Aden x Riverdance Sugared Almondt)
02/1/2006 - 18/01/2019

Woodie was one in a litter of nine from Lulu he was so handsome with his darker coat.  He had a fabulous
life living with the McHugh family in Wicklow, his owners describe him as being a gentleman and a
joy to live with.  He has joined his sisters Delia, Annie and Luca - run free handsome boy!

Riverdance Liquorice Allsort

(Amberland Aden x Riverdance Sugared Almondt)
02/1/2006 - 25/08/2016

We continue to miss our little Delia she left us far too soon but she will never be forgotten
her sons Kirk and Max provide us with constant reminders of her bubbly, cheeky personality
which shines through them.  She joins her two sisters Annie and Luca and her brother Woodie 
Rest well darling girl


Riverdance Sorcerer's Apprentice

(GB Sh Ch Amberland Ajax KCJW x Riverdance String Quintet)
30/4/2002 - 2/11/2017

Our good friends Charmian and Gerard Monen had to give sleep to Sultan
aka Riverdance Sorcerer's Apprentice (Sh Ch Amberland Ajax x Riverdance String Quintet).
Sultan reached the grand age of 15.5 yrs. He will be sorely missed.
Ironically his grandmother, our Sassie died on the same day 10 years ago,
it was also the 9th birthday of our Kirk and Max, 2nd November a date not to forget.
RIP Sultan you were the last survivor of Ajax's offspring. Our thoughts are with Charmian and Gerard.


Riverdance Sugared Almond

(GB Sh Ch Amberland Ajax KCJW x Riverdance String Quintet)
30/4/2002 - 7/5/2016

Lulu was such an important girl in our kennel, she lived with the Riverdance pack of nine
she was our 'water girl' swimming at every possible opportunity.  She gave us a
wonderful litter of nine pups, keeping her and Jim, from the litter, and later on Jack when he returned.
Lulu was fit and active until the week she died, going daily with the younger ones to the
daily walk at Rossbeigh.  She celebrated her 14th birthday with a visit to her brother Sultan
but sadly one week later we had to let her go.  We miss you Lulu thank you for sharing your
long life with us, you'll never be forgotten and for giving us such wonderful progeny.  RIP little one!


Riverdance Shaking Aspen

(GB Sh Ch Amberland Ajax KCJW x Riverdance String Quintet)
30/4/2002 - 2015

Millie owned and loved by Catherine and Peter Desmond lived in Co Cork
She was given a happy life by the whole family, RIP lovely girl.



Riverdance Solar Apollo
(GB Sh Ch Amberland Ajax KCJW x Riverdance String Quintet)
30/4/2002 - 21/8/2015

So sad to lose Jack - the gentlest and most sociable of all dogs we have ever had, he will be missed so much - his personality was huge.  RIP our Big Jack!

'Jack' came back to us from his first home when he was six months old, he quickly fitted back into the routine of the kennel and established himself as everyone's best friend.  He is the gentlest and softest of boys with not an ounce of malice in him, although he was not planned to be with us we quickly decided we should keep him - just because he is such a nice boy.  Jack liked nothing better than to play with our puppies gently teaching them how to playfight - he had without doubt the most perfect of temperaments and in his 13+ years we never ever saw him show any aggression at all - we will miss you old pal but never ever forget you.

Riverdance Lucy Acrobat
(Amberland Aden x Riverdance Sugared Almond)
2/1/2006 - 13/5/2014

Luca belonged to the whole Sheehan family, Mark, Michelle
Alex and Evan she let a fantastic life with daily beach walks
and was included in all of the family's activities.  Mark and
Michelle's two children arrived after Luca and they have
grown up with her there.  Luca's sister Annie was 'taken
in' by Mark and Michelle and sadly she died three years ago
from bloat.  We cannot imagine the void left by Annie and
now Luca.  Rest in Peace girls together again now!

Riverdance Saxon Archer
(GB Sh Ch Amberland Ajax x Riverdance String Quintet)
30/4/02 - 29/4/2015
KCBVA Hip Score 5:3

Jim sadly succumbed and was given sleep as we didn't want him to have any suffering, he was a lively and loving dog
never a step away from his brother Jack or his sister Lulu, his colouring brought many admirers.  He joins his father Ajax
and mother Sofie and will rest very peacefully under the apple trees.  Run free our dark boy you'll always be loved!


Riverdance Status Quo

(Shinehill Party Politics at Riverdance x Kidston Weeping Willow at Riverdance)
29/4/99 - 1/4/14

Henry was owned and loved by Emma and Christoph Thoenissen he sadly was given sleep
on the 1st April less than one month short of his fifteenth birthday - he led a full and happy
life much of it with his kennel mate Arthur, the Newfoundland.  Born in Somerset he moved
to Scotland and then lived for a number of years in New Zealand.  In 2013 he returned to the
UK with the family and settled in Derbyshire, Henry was the last of our 'S' & 'Q' litter
(after Sassie and Quillan).  It is a sad time for his family but they have some wonderful memories
of Henry.  Run free handsome boy with your siblings, Barney, Barney, Wink, Sofie, Bruno and Ollie - RIP!


Riverdance Showery April

30/4/2002 - 26/3/2014
(GB Sh Ch Amberland Ajax x Riverdance String Quintet)

Ellie was owned and loved by Caroline Brouder, Ellie was
Caroline's constant companion and together they raised two
litters of beautiful puppies.  Ellie was a regular visitor to
Riverdance and she loved nothing better than running with
her brothers and sisters Jack, Jim and Lulu particularly
visiting our local beach.  We will all miss Ellie's gentle and
affectionate nature run free beautiful girl.  At Caroline's request
we readily agreed for Ellie's ashes to be buried alongside
her mother Sofie.  RIP sweet Ellie.



Riverdance Star Quality

(Shinehill Party Politics at Riverdance x Kidston Weeping Willow at Riverdance)
29/4/99 - 6/2/14

We were sad to hear from the Wood family that Ollie was PTS two
months before his fifteenth birthday.  Ollie was a special dog and
led a full and happy life sharing in all of the activities of the family
right to the end.  He was a dog blood donor and his blood saved the
lives of others.  Ollie will be missed by his family Sara, Richard, Abi
and Chris.  Run free lovely boy!



Riverdance Latchkey Annie

(Amberland Aden x Riverdance Sugared Almond)
2/01/2006 - 4/09/12



Annie didn't have the best of starts she went to her first home which didn't work out for her.  Mark and Michelle Sheehan had Annie's sister Luca six months earlier and welcomed Annie into their home in Co Waterford.  Annie had a wonderful life with Mark and Michelle and enjoyed daily walks on the beach with her sister.  Annie and Luca were thrilled to welcome the arrival of both of Mark and Michelle's children Alex and Evan.  Annie succumbed to 'bloat' and despite every effort she didn't make it.  We are so sorry but at the same time so grateful for Michelle and Mark's kindness in giving Annie one of the best possible homes and making her short life so happy.  We wish we could take away their hurt but it will fade in time and be replaced with all of the happy memories of Annie.  Run free little girl!


Riverdance Seismic Quake

(Shinehill Party Politics at Riverdance x Kidston Weeping Willow at Riverdance)
29/4/99 - 28/12/11

Bruno was the largest of Sassie and Quillan's litter he went to live with Don and Margaret Spottiswood in the New Forest where he had a fantastic life - very much loved by his owners.  He died peacefully four days after his sister Sofie aged nearly thirteen.  Rest well 'Gentle Giant'!


Riverdance String Quintet

(Shinehill Party Politics at Riverdance x Kidston Weeping Willow at Riverdance)
29/4/99 - 24/12/11
KCBVA Hip Score 5:5


We bred Sofie from Quillan and Sassie, planning to have a litter from her in due course, we mated her to Sh Ch Amberland Ajax and continued our lines tying back into the Muskan lines that we so admired.  Sofie wasn't shown much, again due to our location in the SW of Ireland, however she won a Green Star and several Reserve Green Stars, she also won two Gundog Groups at Open Shows.  She produced three lovely brood bitches who went on to whelp some fine pet and show puppies including International and Show Champions. Sofie 'slipped away' on Christmas Eve 2011 morning in her sleep, such a peaceful way to go for her but a shock for us.  She is at rest alongside her sister Wink who died in October, her parents and uncle.  Sleep well little girl thank you for sharing your life with us, we will miss you!  Rest in peace.

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Riverdance Semi Quaver

(Shinehill Party Politics at Riverdance x Kidston Weeping Willow at Riverdance)
29/4/99 - 20/10/11
KCBVA Hip Score 6:6


Wink was born in Somerset and came over to Ireland in 1999 with her mother, father and sister.
Wink had every reason not to be with us, because when she was born she weighed only 185 grams (6ス ounces), but, typical of her spirit, she pulled through and has rewarded us time and time again - she was a very, very special dog.  All of our kennel names have the first letters of the dam and sire so in Wink's case this was S for Sassie and Q for Quillan her 'Semi Quaver' seemed so right for her! 

Wink 'bubbled' from waking to going to bed and was the first to play and chase.  She brought laughter into our lives and we are going to miss her greatly.  Wink only grew to the bottom of the 'standard' height - however as a puppy she won BP at the prestigious 'St Patrick's Day' show in Dublin and has won two Reserve Green Stars at Championship shows.  This is Wink photographed at 10 days of age alongside her sister Sofie - Wink was only half the size - but twice the character!  She rests under the apple trees alongside her mother, father and uncle Harry.  Sleep well lovely girl we will always miss you but never forget you, you will always be our bright star!

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Message To My Master

The day you laid me down to sleep
you prayed to the Lord; my soul to keep
I know you had to send me on my way
but you sent me to a new; better; and much brighter day
You sent me home; to heaven above
where I知 cradled in God痴 arms; covered with His love
I understand what you did; you did out of love

and I値l return that love; from my new home above
My sickness is gone; and I知 free here to roam
I run and play in the meadows; here in my new home
We play here by the Bridge; from morning to night
there is no rain here; just warm sunlight
I know you all miss me; I miss you all too
but I値l always be with you; whatever you do
Please wipe the tears; from your weeping eyes
by remembering the good times; from days gone by
When you look out; into the dark of night
I値l be that bright star; your guiding light
We値l meet again at the Bridge one day
when we値l walk in the light; together to stay

author anon


Riverdance Spring Azalea at Weisford

30/4/2002 - 27/3/2010
(GB Sh Ch Amberland Ajax x Riverdance String Quintet)

Caoimhe was loved and owned by Katherina Savage she paid us an enormous compliment by having one of our puppies to in effect restart her kennel, Caoimhe was by far the prettiest of our Sofie's litter.  We were thrilled when, at her first show, Caoimhe won the Reserve Green Star whilst we watched, she was only 6 months old.  Under the Weisford affix Katherina lovingly raised two litters of puppies from Caoimhe, from her first litter she bred Sh Ch Weisford Charlie's Chocolate Factory and she is showing two puppies from her second litter.  Caoimhe was a wonderful girl so gentle with her puppies and with children and had a huge personality, she joins her father, Ajax who died one month earlier, she is now free to run.  We are so sorry for Katherina, Anne and John,  they tried so hard to make her well - thank you for giving her a happy life, she was a credit to you all. 

Riverdance Spring Azalea at Weisford


GB Sh Ch Amberland Ajax
3/10/1997 - 25/2/2010
(Muskan Most Likely x Amberland Ameneta)

Ajax sired almost 500 puppies and passed onto them his wonderful temperament, Pat Arnold kept Ajax and his brother Amberland Arrow (Rory), Rory did win one CC but sadly died suddenly far too young.  Ajax went on to be Pat's first Champion, he is father to our Lulu, Jim and Jack and his lines have improved our stock immensely and has also improved Irish Golden Retrievers, one of his daughters Riverdance Spring Azalea has produced Irish Sh Ch Weisford Charlie's Chocolate Factory. 
Run free Ajax and Rory.

GB Sh Ch Amberland Ajax


Riverdance Secret Quarter
29/04/99 - 16/7/09

(Shinehill Party Politics at Riverdance x Kidston Weeping Willow at Riverdance)

                                                                                                   Barney aged six months

We were so sad to hear from Lucy and Damian Deakin and their three children that they had lost Barney, at the all too young age of 10 years, we feel so sorry for the whole family and remember all too well how three year old Molly sat amongst Sassie and Quillan's litter and helped to choose Barney, growing up with a golden retriever is a wonderful experience and we can imagine the hurt that they feel.  Run free Barney, with your brother and parents.



Sassie, Harry and Quillan now together
photo taken in 1997



Shinehill Party Politics at Riverdance
(Shinehill Kings Ransom x Shinehill Nikita)
3/3/94 - 9/3/08
KCBVA Hip Score 5:4

Quillan together with his litter brother Harry came to us in 1994 and totally changed our lives very much for the better.  Quillan enjoyed showing but his show career was hindered by a cruciate injury, despite that he won at top level in UK and in Ireland.  With two Best in Show awards and a Best Puppy in Show win he made us proud to own him.  We will forever be indebted to Liz and John Keene for letting us have our two Shinehill boys.  Quillan has left us with two of his daughters, three grandchildren and a great granddaughter.  He will never be forgotten.  Run free with Harry and Sassie.
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Shinehill Press Call at Riverdance
(Shinehill Kings Ransom x Shinehill Nikita)
3/3/94 - 28/1/08
KCBVA Hip Score 4:5

Harry was never as glamorous in the ring as his brother but he did have his day winning a number of good group places at large UK open shows, he and Quillan were a remarkable and wonderful brace entry and they won many firsts at UK All Breed Championship Shows, moving together in complete harmony (even synchronising tail wagging was remarked on by one judge!)  Harry was one of the most gentle of dogs, forever a gentleman and liked nothing better than to teach young puppies how to play, a role he did with all of our puppies.  His parting was typical of the boy - no fuss and although he died very suddenly he was showing and probably feeling his age and is now free - joining Sassie with whom he had a very close bond.  Good night sweet boy - run Harry run!
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Kidston Weeping Willow at Riverdance
(Ch. Purbarn Xtra Thunderstorm KCJW x Kidston Aphrodite KCJW)
- 2/11/07
KCBVA Hip Score 4:3

Sassie by name and most certainly 'Sassie' by nature!  Our foundation bitch had more attitude than most - she was undoubtedly the most affectionate member of our kennel.  She was the matriarch she liked nothing better than to give her two daughters a morning wash as she did her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Sassie came to us via Margaret and Brian Chapman and she couldn't have had a better start - her young father, only just over one year old at Sassie's birth, was making his way in the ring at the start of his illustrious career.  Sassie's mum Shelley was a 'Cloud' (Muskan Most Likely) daughter and we intentionally went for this line as we wanted to use Quillan, also a 'Cloud' grandson for our first litter of puppies.  Sassie had not been intensively campaigned in the show ring, however she was well placed at UK Championship shows and in Ireland has won a number of Green Stars, many with BOB.  As a puppy she achieved a RBPIS at  seven months of age.  We mated Sassie with Quillan in 1999 and produced seven wonderful puppies - keeping Sofie and Wink.  We will always be grateful to Brian and Margaret Chapman for letting us have Sassie and along with 'Storm's owner Jenny Frankland - Mace for their help and kindness over the years. 
Sadly Sassie succumbed and she was reluctantly let go by us on 2nd November 2007 four days before her twelfth birthday.  Her passing leaves a massive void in our kennel, but thankfully her children (Sofie and Wink) and her grandchildren (Jim, Jack and Lulu) not to forget her great granddaughter Delia all are living testimony to her qualities.  Night Night Princess!!

Sassie has been joined by Harry, Quillan and her parents Storm and Shellie and her sister Zoe - play well.

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and Sassie's son

Riverdance Sunshine Quay

(Shinehill Party Politics at Riverdance x Kidston Weeping Willow at Riverdance)

29/4/1999 - 7/9/2007


  Barney was owned and loved by Karen and Dale Ballard, together with their three children Holly, Chloe and Bradley.  He died far too soon suddenly aged eight and he is so missed by the whole family.  We feel so very sad on their behalf.  


Stolford Kalico

(Sh Ch Stolford Likely Lad x Anstrome Aurora of Stolford)
29/4/1981 - 8/12/1993

  Gemma was a loyal and loving dog who liked nothing better than to play with our young children, she never took to the show ring but her personality made us fall in love with the breed.  She left an emptiness in our home after she died.