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Two of our kennel sadly left us in 2015   Riverdance Solar Apollo -'Jack', Riverdance Saxon Archer - 'Jim' and Riverdance Lucy Acrobat - 'Luca' RIP,
 'Lulu', Riverdance Sugared Almond in May 2016 and 'Delia' Riverdance Liquorice Allsort in August 2016 
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Riverdance Golden Retrievers -    Co Kerry - Ireland
Last updated on 05/05/2018 17:46 

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We are fortunate to have owned Golden Retrievers for over thirty years - we are proud to have the 'Riverdance' affix in Ireland and in the United Kingdom. Riverdance Golden Retrievers live with us in beautiful County Kerry, Ireland.  Our Goldens, are all 'house dogs' and are bred for type and temperament as pets and show dogs.  All of our dogs are BVA hips and eye tested and have better than the breed average hip scores. 
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on the photo right to view  Panoramic Ring of Kerry, Ireland Photographs:


Great Fun in the Rare Kerry Snow

Kirk and Max enjoying themselves in the first snow they had experienced!


Since moving to Kerry nearly 20 years ago, we have lost nine from our kennel, they will always be remembered, with love,
happiness and much hilarity where we still laugh at their respective individual foibles and antics, thank you guys!

Riverdance Goldens in 2007

A nice shot of two of Max's children with their mother Abbie



Happy Birthday to Lulu and Sultan who have reached the good age of 14 years

Photo shows Sultan (R. Sorcerers Apprentice) and Lulu (R. Sugared Almond) taken at their birthday get together!

Lulu and Sultan are the only two surviving from our Sofie and Sh Ch Amberland Ajax litter of seven born on the 30th April 2002
Our thoughts are with the absent five, RIP Caoimhe, Ellie, Jim, Jack and Millie. Sadly Lulu was given sleep one week after her birthday
RIP little girl!


A Family Group - Four Generations of Ladies
front near Riverdance Liquorice Allsort 'Delia' (10yrs) (going clockwise)
Riverdance Sugared Almond 'Lulu' (14yrs)
Summerquest September Song 'Abbie' (4.5yrs)
Grágheal August Melody 'Jen' (11mths)

photo taken in March 2016

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The Riverdance Six sadly Jim (2nd left) left us in April 2015 and Jack (1st left) joined him in August 2015

Sh Ch Riverdance Dot Matrix - Jun Ch 'Max'
  GB Sh Ch Shardanell All That Jazz
" Murphy"

We learned recently that Max and Kirk's father died aged nearly 14 years old, Murphy was a wonderful dog and was loved by Margaret and Stephen Joy.  RIP Murphy
(photo above of Murphy and his son Max aged 18months just prior to him gaining his Show Champion title)

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